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Workout Wear Time

Our conscious and subconscious mind knows that when we dress in our workout wear, it means it is time to workout.  This is true..unless you have been lounging around on your couch lately, in your workout clothing without even breaking a sweat.

Just do it! Put On Your Workout Wear!

And set a time to work out vigorously each and every day! A recent study, which was published in the journal Preventive Medicine, found that people who have “consistently high levels of physical activity” have younger cells as measured through the length of telomeres.

Woman working out.





Lounge wear is for lounging and workout wear is for working out.

Let’s make the distinction so we can get into the healthy routines for exercise, relaxation and sleep.  Workout wear is one of the tools in your beautification arsenal.

It is time for your workout, make the effort to do your exercise routine,  you have put on your workout wear and motivational shoes after all.  And remember that each step that you make doing your exercise routine will beautify you from the inside to the outside.

Cute Lululemon leggings with mesh cutouts.


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