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Why Beauty Affirmations?

Why Beauty Affirmations?

Why are beauty affirmation so important in our beauty plan? They are used as positive motivation for our conscious and subconscious.


I like to think of our conscious as “The Coach”. This is the little voice we hear in our head. We want our coach to be a good one so she needs to be trained to stand behind us and push us to make good decisions so we can make good “plays” in life. We also want positive motivation to influence our subconscious. The subconscious can be thought of as our inner child with feelings. This inner child has the power to push us in certain directions. Our subconscious inner child is constantly looking for things to do to stay busy, be stimulated and like a little kid, not be bored. When we are bored we sometimes make unhealthy choices. Choices like over consuming alcohol, overeating and being lazy. Whether our subconscious pushes us to make good decisions or bad decisions has a lot to do with positive and negative influences.

Beauty affirmations have the power to reach the places of these inner feelings with positive influence. Sometimes we need to repeat these affirmations because some of these negative feelings have been residing in us since childhood. And don’t feel paranoid about talking to yourself, everyone does it.  Affirmations are good for you.

Beauty Affirmation Steps

1. Stand in front of a mirror (the bathroom mirror works good for privacy)

2. Look for something positive that you really admire about you. This could be something that you see on the inside or outside.  It could also be health related.     For the purpose of this plan, we ask that you also pick a positive change that you may have noticed in your beauty and fitness since starting the Frugal Beauty Maintenance Plan.

3. Look into your eyes.

4. Tell yourself out loud what is it is that your conscious “coach” needs to know to train you in the future. Tell your “coach” the positive attributes that you see and what you need help with.

5. Tell the subconscious “inner child” that the negative thoughts or feelings that may have been true in the past are no longer needed.  What is true now is that you are improving and making better choices.  Tell the inner child about the positive, happy feelings that you feel and want to feel more of.

6.  Remind yourself that you are growing and becoming stronger, happier, healthier and more beautiful with each new day.

7. Listen to and more importantly hear and focus on what your voice saying.

8. Thank yourself for being unique and forgive yourself for not being perfect.

Repeat these steps often to reinforce these beauty affirmations.

Beauty Affirmations are part of Frugal Beauty Maintenance Schedule