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Why Use A Beauty Maintenance Schedule?

Q: Why a beauty maintenance schedule?

A:Beauty Maintenance Schedule and Routine To incorporate research and advise that improves beauty, health, motivation and happiness into your daily schedule.

We use and seek tips from experts and gurus on these subjects.  By reviewing scientific studies on beauty, health, dieting, motivation and positive psychology, we create and constantly update our beauty schedule.   Our goal is to bring you the best tips and advise in an organized, doable way that will show you the steps to the beautification of you.

For most of us, taking care of your body involves more than eating healthy and exercising, although that is a very important part of our maintenance schedule.  Beauty maintenance also involves day to day things we need to do to look our best, like tweezing our eye brows and filing our nails. And although maintaining our appearance doesn’t have to take a lot of time, it does need to be done on a regular basis.  Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you and your beauty.  Hair care professionals recommend regular trims every six weeks to eliminate split ends.  If you have gray hair the roots may need touched up at the temples sooner than the rest of the hair.  Highlights and streak do not need as many touch ups, however this is better maintained on a case by case basis.  Our reminders are helpful.

While the world is becoming a better place for most, technology is leading to a more sedentary lifestyle for all of us, not just teens.  While the over-abundance of tasty, fattening and cheap food would be considered salvation during other times in history, it is now creating new problems such as widespread obesity and other health problems related to the lack of physical exercise.  However just advising someone to eat healthier food and to exercise every other day,  just doesn’t seem to be enough of a motivator to stop this epidemic tide.  We think that this epidemic revolves around cravings for unhealthy food and the lack of willpower to stick to a diet and exercise routine.   We want to change that.

We have high goals and although we may not be able to change the health of the world, we would like to help you succeed on your journey to becoming more beautiful.

Why a Beauty Routine?  Well, every one knows that getting into the habit of a workout routine is crucial to long term success.   By sticking to a routine or program it becomes part of your life and something that you automatically do and schedule time for. We expand on this workout routine concept to include other aspects that improve your overall well-being, happiness and beauty.

We think happiness and beauty are the best motivators to reach goals.

Why a beautifying diet? By knowing what you should or shouldn’t eat, you may start viewing healthy foods as a punishment and unhealthy foods as a irresistible temptation. We want you to view these healthy, life giving foods in a different light. By viewing them as nourishment that beautifies and improves you from within, you focus on the positive improvements that these foods can make. They become the fuel that launches you on your path to your beauty and fitness goals.

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