Who We Are

We are the working woman trying to better our lives and ourselves.

The woman who gets up early and goes to work to make money to support herself and her family.

We may or may not have children and our children may or may not live at home.

We want to look good for our boyfriend, husband or partner but mostly we want to look good for ourselves.

We want to further our education, we want to get the big promotion and feel successful.

We love to travel and we live to travel even if we only travel once every few years.

We want to get in shape or stay in shape because our health and happiness depend upon it.

We want to spend our money on the things that really matter to us and we want to invest in the future.

We are here to educate, inform and inspire ourselves and others to make positive improvements in our lives for that is who we are.

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I am Sharon and I am alive and well in Fairfield Township, Ohio. While I am not working on my website or at my day job in insurance I am out and about with family, friends and my dogs.  Currently I am almost out of credit card debt and working on my fitness and happiness goals.  I hope to gain knowledge about frugal living and make more improvements in my life. Becoming more fit, frugal and fabulous one day at a time.

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