Welcome Aboard!


Welcome Aboard!

If you are new to Fitfrugalandfabulous.com this is a good place to start.

Fitfrugalandfabulous.com uses positive motivation to help you reach beauty and fitness goals.  We believe beauty can be used as positive reinforcement to drive and motivate you to make small, yet important choices in your life.  These choices will eventually, over time, help you reach bigger goals.

Although our emphasis is on beauty, this website also helpful in other areas such as health, relationships, happiness, career goals and personal finance.

The first step is to write down your goals.  Define where you want this program to lead you.  Putting it all on paper makes it real.

Weight? Are you wanting to lose or gain a few pounds by following a healthy diet that not only helps you reach your goal weight but also brings out your radiant beauty?

Skin? Are you wanting a clearer, younger looking or smoother complexion which can only be attained with a lifestyle consisting of healthy beauty treatments, nourishing foods and consistent workouts?

Do you need positive motivation and affirmations to keep you from overeating and help you stay on your fitness plan with the use of videos or podcasts?

Do you want a more beautiful overall appearance?

Do you need a tracker and schedule to help you stay focused and consistent?  We think that it is important to track goals not only at the beginning of a healthy life change but also once you start reaching those goals.  We want you to maintain and of course build on any progress that you make on this beauty plan.  Studies show it takes repeating a behavior 17 times for the behavior to develop into a habit, therefore tracking your diet and beauty maintenance routine is especially important at the beginning.

The obvious reasons for using a tracker are to stay on track and continue to “track” your progress to see what is working and what isn’t.  This step will not only help you find out what your weaknesses are but also what your strengths are.

Our wish here at Fitfrugalandfabulous.com if for you to focus on your strengths and build upon those strengths, instead of punishing yourself for your weaknesses and other imperfections.

We also like to track your progress to help motivate you to continue eating well and taking care of yourself.  Beauty is the result of being healthy, strong and happy on the inside and letting it show on the outside.

Are you ready to take the first step?

This site has been created for girls and women  anyone wanting to find their beauty through health, fitness and happiness.

Start with 14 Days To A More Beautiful You

Begin the Beauty Maintenance Schedule

Introduce healthy beautifying foods  into your diet.

Please browse our archives to help you become fit frugal and fabulous.

Beginners should start slowly and consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

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Bon Voyage to Beauty!