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Weight Problems are a Symptom

Being overweight or obese is a symptom of an underlying issue.

The root cause of obesity and overeating is not from eating too much. Eating too much is a way for our body to self-medicate an underlying issue.  And unless you are healing the root cause of the problem, your next diet and even your fitness plan will fail.

Emotional anxiety is the real cause of overweight and obesity.








Loss or loneliness (among other things) causes despair and sadness which manifests as emotional anxiety.  Eating suppresses this emotional anxiety (temporarily) so you don’t have to deal with it.

Unfortunately eating only suppresses emotional anxiety short term.

After you overeat or binge and are physically and emotionally full. However it is only a matter of time when the urge to eat will resurface.  This urge to eat again so soon after your last meal,  is not from hunger sensations, it is the emotional anxiety resurfacing.  And you are subconsciously reaching for anything to quench this hunger of emotion anxiety.

This overeating for emotional anxiety becomes a vicious cycle when we are eating to comfort ourselves day after day, year after year. Our body becomes dependent on the binging and overeating behavior to drown out our emotional needs. If you have been using food for months or years,  addiction has set in.

Addiction is a secondary problem to the primary root cause which is emotional anxiety.

Every time we attempt a diet the emotional anxiety increases and causes us to rebound and binge. When we are in this state of experiencing emotional anxiety we also lose our motivation to work out.  Our fitness plan fails because of our body’s need for comfort.  The body and mind in the  state of emotional anxiety wants nothing more than to lay on the couch with our favorite comfort cravings AKA Netflix and pizza.  Emotional anxiety also causes other addictions such as drug or alcohol abuse but for us overeaters we are focusing on food abuse. Whatever you “use” to combat emotional anxiety becomes a crutch and an addiction.

Is it what you are eating or what is eating you that is causing your weight gain?

We are using food to unplug from the emotions we are experiencing. Even though, we know what to eat and what not to eat, we can’t stop eating the harmful foods that will suppress our emotions.

In our society we are increasingly becoming stranded on our personal islands.. These are the rooms of our large homes and apartments without real human interaction, unless we communicate through Facebook. Some of us don’t have family and people to depend on for emotional support.  They may be with us but they are not supportive especially to bingers or overeaters because they do not understand. We are encouraged to show no weakness at work around co-workers. If we do show weakness and emotions for longer than a day or two, we are told to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and get over what ever is hurting us.

What can I do to combat our national obesity epidemic? 

Temporary Emotional Anxiety Release

Reach out to people. Become a great friend or family member and a great listener.  Stop talking about people behind their backs.  Offer support and not food for times of grief or celebration.  Sometimes all it takes to be a good friend or family member is to offer your ear to listen and your companionship on a nice walk a few times a week.

Process the pain of your despair and loneliness and then make a plan on how to combat the feelings by filling up on what you are actually missing and not filling yourself up with food.

Find a passion to get out of your own head for awhile to give yourself a break.  I truly believe that what you are passionate about is the key to finding your purpose and letting go of unhealthy anxiety.

Part of ending the battle with an eating disorder such as when you overeat to lessen emotional anxiety is having a plan: Try our  Beauty Schedule.