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Happiness Shows On The Outside

How to get over depression

Being happy on the inside shows on the outside as the saying goes because it is true.  Increasing happiness alone is enough of a goal, however for the purposes of this website our main goal is to help you increase your radiant beauty.  The pursuit of happiness is one of our rights as a human because happiness is one of life’s primary objectives.

Happiness or at least contentment, can be elusive, especially during times when it has been lost.  A loss or traumatic event can leave you in a less than happy state and wondering how to get it back. Positive psychology studies recommend the following, as ways to increase happiness and reduce stress and it’s wear and tear on the body.  Stress has also been shown to cause premature aging from free radical damage.

    1. Talk Therapy – We simply mean to talk your troubles over with a close friend.  Talking helps you let go of anger, especially if you are talking to a compassionate listener who is supportive and helps you make your own rational and positive choices without judgment.  Support groups and professional help are available to help with depression and anger for more difficult situations.
    2. Stop ruminating thoughts– by using meditation to release unhealthy emotions, worries and thoughts thus reducing the vicious cycle of rumination.
    3. Affirmations – positive self talk can help you overcome some of the negative noise in your head and replace it with positive healing imagery.
    4. Yoga– to increase well being and relaxation.  Think of this as healing therapy and that you are growing stronger mentally and physically with each new session.
    5. Eat for endorphins – a healthy diet containing a little dark chocolate and spicy food raises endorphins.
    6. Make wellness a priority- Give yourself time off for recovery and time to heal without any added stressful events or expectations. Visualize your body being healed through time and low stress.
    7. Fake it until you make it- Some people get through tough times by presenting a strong image. However, this may not work for people that have outwardly noticeable emotions.  You can also trick your brain into feeling better by simply smiling.
    8. Acetaminophen for pain-a dose of acetaminophen has been shown to lessen activity in the pain centers of the brain which become overactive during emotional pain. Consult your physician to see if this could help you.
    9. Keep busy with a full schedule- Our beauty maintenance schedule can help you increase your self confidence and well being.  Having a full schedule can also keep busy, physically active and help you focus your thoughts and activities on positive, healthy behaviors such as self improvement for the future.

We believe that beauty can be used as a positive motivator for a healthy and happy lifestyle.   Increasing happiness can help your beauty by slowing down the aging process.  Being happy and content with life also lessens self destructive behaviors  such as over eating and alcohol abuse  by reducing stress and anxiety.

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