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The local library is one of the best resources for free entertainment. If your library is anything like the ones in my area then you are in for a treat and thankfully almost everything there is healthy and frugal.  I can get lost in my library holding a hard copy book in my hand for hours of tales of another time and place in the world.  Recipe and travel books to bring home can help transport you to a different culture with the addition of correlating ethnic music. Books are not the only thing you will find.  The audiobooks are priceless for entertainment.  I do not go on a road trip without one. I can also listen to these if alone during commutes to and from work.  Our local libraries also have ebooks and audio books available for download over the internet.  The free educational opportunities are priceless.  The video section may contain some older movies but try them out, they are called classics for a reason.  I watch television in succession so the series on disks are great for binge viewing.

Of course most of us fortunate ones already know the above but unfortunately for many others in remote regions of America and some parts of the world libraries are few and far between. If you do not have a library in your community please create one if you have any ability whatsoever. There are many people in your area that have the resources of purchasing books or videos to donate which they no longer need. Advertise for donations on your local web sites and forums to accept donations of books, videos and contributions for internet connections and possibly space.  If no space is available have a meet up with friends and neighbors to share your valuable materials and internet.  At the very least have a shelf in your house to provide an adult or a child that you know free informational materials,  obtain safe, healthy information on the internet or give them an used book now and then.  And according to Buddhism teachings of which current studies of happiness support this, Compassion is the path to genuine happiness.



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