Save on Groceries

Fruit Pikovice-1

Thankfully I have a very varied palate and I enjoy many different tastes, combinations of flavors, textures and cuisines.  If you are a person who only likes a handful of foods and do not like vegetables or cuisines that were not introduced in your childhood home, try to be open to new tastes and flavors.  One of the best ways to eat healthfully and frugally and experience the flavors of the world is in your own kitchen.  I am so grateful to all the immigrants that came to my country for sharing their wide selection of recipes and produce.  I have the world at the tip  of my tongue, literally.

My current grocery and restaurant budget is $100 per week but I could get by on much less.

Tip #1  Basing the currents weeks menu on sale items and what is in the freezer.  My goal this week is to make large portions of my favorite dishes and freeze part of the dish.

Tip #2 Purchase items from the reduced section but only if you are going to cook them and then freeze within the day.  This may gross people out but usually these items have a sell date of the current day or the next few days and are therefore safe for consumption.

Tip #3 Use coupons if at all possible.  With my eating plan using coupons can be a challenge because the items listed are not prepared, prepackage ingredients or meals.  We are using mostly items from the produce and meat department.  Some  staple foods do have coupons occasionally.