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Saturday Workouts

Saturday is a great day to get in the game and up your game.  It is about faster, longer, harder and stronger.  Since Saturday is one of the best days of the week for most people that work to workout we recommend making a Saturday workout a centerpiece of your day.  Saturday should also be a day of celebrating freedom and doing fun activities that make you feel alive and healthy.

Pick One Activity that will incorporate getting fit and socialization.

When the weather is permitting this activity should be something that is outdoors to maximize oxygen from fresh air. Get plenty of healthy, natural oxygen pumping through your body for maximizing it’s beauty benefits.

What are your goals and what works for you?  Your Saturday fitness plan can be a family activity or a solo activity. It could take many hours or it could take 30 minutes.  Finding an activity or sport that you are passionate about is a key aspect.  Think of one activity (or sport) that you love and can improve at over time thereby increasing motivation.  For me it is going mountain biking or road biking on the Little Miami Scenic Trail.  What a great day! At the end of the workout be sure to stretch out your major muscles.

If you are off on Saturday this should be your best day for a challenging working out. This is going to step it up and take your workout to the next level by going and doing:

Faster – Get faster and go faster than you did last week. You know you are stronger and you can do this baby!

Longer – Up your time on your workout by ten minutes or longer.

Harder -Push yourself and each other if you are doing a group activity.  This is no time to be a Mamby Pamby!

Stronger-Up the muscle power and level on every move you do today.

This is going to take commitment from you, that is just how it is.  No ones success came by accident and your success cannot either.  Results come from deliberate actions and the end result is a better result by upping your game for your Saturday workout.

Start implementing a plan to make it happen right now.