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Revenge Body

Do you want revenge?

  • Can revenge be used as motivation to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals?
  • Do you want to let Karma handle your revenge or do you want to take it into your own hands?

This is the premise of the new series starring Khloe Kardashian airing on Thursday nights at 8 PM on E.

Khloe asks contestants..Do you want revenge?

Khloe then matches fitness experts and nutritionists with these overweight and out of shape “vengefuls” to help them attain their improved revenge body.






Although revenge doesn’t cancel out the behaviors that hurt us, it can motivate us at the core of our primal instincts.  The primal instinct I am referring to is social rank and order.

This instinct in humans is subconsciously, fairly or not, based on the ability to successfully reproduce offspring.

Although modern eating and lifestyle behaviors have made many of us overweight, we still have that drive to be healthy and fit.

Health and fitness manifests as a beautiful body which insures our ability to mate and therefore pass on our genes.  It insures the survival of our species.

Our bodies are fighting a constant contradiction: Our brains our telling us to over eat and store up abundant energy in case of famine and yet at the same time, we all have a natural instinct to look better than our rivals.

Khloe Kardashian has a revenge body herself.  Khloe Kardashian began to hit the gym as a coping mechanism after her failed marriage to retired basketball player and incorrigible womanizer, Lamar Odom.  I must say she has successfully retaliated. Touché Lamar.

Living well and being happy is the best revenge, it has been said. However experts suggest that feeling good about how you look can help you be happier and feel more confident in many areas of your life. Although some experts are concerned with the message this is sending, many also believe that retaliation can come in many non-threatening ways which allow one to regain self respect and a sense of healing.

For myself personally, I have been using this concept as a way to keep myself going at the gym and to stop myself from over eating..   Your revenge body starts here.

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