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Preparations for Weekly Beauty

Keeping up your beauty schedule is very doable with some preplanning. Your beauty routine is important to you, so it is also important to make time for it. Treat your beauty and fitness schedule as appointments on a calendar and schedule other activities around them. You are not always going to be able to “keep the date” for your beauty maintenance schedule but you can do some “work arounds” if you have something special that cannot fit into this schedule.

Spa In A Basket

What can you do ahead of time to minimize the time requirements?

Time organization

1. Gym Clothing-Have your specific workout clothing designated in a gym bag, if you are working out outside of the home. Purchase an extra pair of shoes to keep in your gym bag.

2. Commitment-Let people know that your commitment to yourself is very important to you and don’t forget to tell yourself.  Your daily exercise and fitness routine needs to be priority if you want to see results.  If this is your goal then you have to make a firm commitment.

3. Grocery Shopping-pick up the healthy beautifying foods needed to have on hand for the upcoming week.

4. Food and snack preparation-have your weekly go to healthy snacks ready for snack time so you can avoid a binge of unbeautifying snacks.

5. Organization-having all of your beauty equipment and supplies batched.   Batching your beauty equipment and supplies by use is a strategic time saver. 
For example-batch all of your nail supplies and equipment that are needed for a manicure into a basket or other container to be available for your upcoming nail treatments for the week. Batch all of your bath equipment needed for beautifying in the bathtub and at home spa treatments.


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