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Positivity Goals

Fit frugal and Fabulous Goals

Positivity breeds positive feelings and outcomes.   I know I have been stuck in a rut lately and I am digging myself out one positive change at a time.

I know from experience that positive changes build upon other positive changes so that is why I wanted to make positive changes the “theme” for this week.

What positive changes can you make this week?

Morning –

15 minutes for an early morning fitness routine to burn some calories, get your circulation pumping.

15 minutes for a beauty routine that will rejuvenate skin

Beautifying morning foods to fuel the day ahead.

Afternoon –

A break from stress with some positive activities like a walk in the park

Extra water to remove toxins and plump skin

Healthy raw snacks

Evening –

Fun activities to do with friends that do not revolve around unhealthy food and substances

A healthy dinner to repair during your sleep

A good nights sleep – 7 to 8 hours but no more

If you are leading a negative life try to introduce some healthier positive changes, gradually the cycle will turn and then you will be able to build upon the positivity.



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