A Whole New Way of Living

     I created this website to connect with people who need advice on my two favorite topics, being healthy and happy while at the same time not wasting money on things that are unnecessary to thrive. Please visit our other sections on the menu that will take a concise look at where you spend your hard earned dollars and where you should be spending them in order to obtain the essentials and extras in your life that truly bring comfort and meaning to your life.  Most of us have fallen for thinking that we need to use credit cards to purchase the newest technical gadgets and other trendy items but some of us, like me, learn the hard way that all of the work necessary to purchase these things does not bring peace of mind, especially if purchased on credit.  Now there are times when you should purchase on credit or with loans but we will get into those purchases later when we examine the housing, education and working expenses.

Clarifying priorities for you and your family will be ranked by greater importance.  In a perfect world your wants and needs should lean towards being happy and healthy but this is not a perfect world and we all spend too much, purchase unnecessary things on credit, and make other mistakes. If we minimize the mistakes and aim our sights at higher goals then the future will be much brighter financially.  I have a step by step plan on how to create happy, healthy and financially rewarding life.  Now are you wondering where to begin?The road is ahead of you, take the wheel and control your destiny.

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