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Overeating Causes

Two reasons for overeating or eating when you shouldn’t be hungry are:

  • Eating when you are anxious, this is a form of substance abuse to quell feelings of sadness, loss and even boredom.  Finding your passions and what makes life good is key to overcoming this form of substance abuse. Your reasons for living a healthy and happy life is not always easy to find but we all have reasons whether they be family, friends, pets, or even hope for the future.  Do not sell yourself short by choosing unhealthy substances, you are worth a healthy, happy and unlimited future.  Indulging in unhealthy foods may seem like a minor hit on your body but over time the assaults will add up and lead to health issues. These health issues are the biggest health crises facing the 1st world.
  • Eating when your body is lacking nutrients.  Your body is sending signals to your brain requesting much needed nutrients.  Once you get on a consistently healthy diet consisting of 3 nutritious meals per day (with 2 healthy snacks consisting of raw foods, your ravenous appetite should calm down.  Also getting enough water is key to taming your body’s drive for excess food and calories.

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