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Off the Wagon and On the Ground

Yes I have officially fallen off the fit, frugal and fabulous wagon and it hurts. I have to keep telling myself that I am almost out of credit card debt and thus life will ease up a little financially and I can spend a bit more on myself, namely beauty products, hairstyling and clothing. Yet I must say when I do spend more I will be continuing my frugality. I have been spending a lot lately but mostly on eating out with my family, especially family that I have in right now from out of town.

That does seem like a waste of money but how can I say no to them when they ask me to go out to BW3’s?  Well, I haven’t but this will be ending as they will all be leaving soon and I am hoping to climb back on the fit frugal and fabulous wagon and ride it out through the current year. So my number one goal starting now is fitness. I have put on a few pounds this year and I am determined to lose fifteen pounds. My number two goal is to pay off all credit card debt. My number three goal is to become fabulous which is the happy person in my minds eye that I want to be.

I am not perfect and I hope you enjoy reading my struggles and hopefully my triumphs to come. Stay tuned.

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