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Obsessive Compulsive Eating

One day I was reading over a section in one of my old psychology textbooks on obsessive compulsive behavior. I noted that the obsessive compulsive traits listed were how I felt when I get an urge to eat. I don’t need to be a Doctor to diagnose that I have a problem with food and obsessive compulsive eating disorder. I cannot get certain thoughts of unhealthy foods out of my mind. These are not hunger urges, they are urges to binge and overeat unhealthy foods. Just like an addict or alcoholic and their obsession with drugs or booze, my obsession is with food. Is it possible that somewhere inside of my subconscious I am trying to punish myself so I cannot meet my weight loss, beauty and fitness goals? Possibly I am so driven to succeed but at the same time afraid of success that I am rigging my own downfall?

Why would I do this to myself? Or am I trying to use food as comfort when I am bored, unhappy, lonely and stressed. These seem to be the times that could trigger an “episode”. I think that it may be the combination.I am guilty about something and punishing myself and that I want to feed myself to suppress my fillings of guilt. I am not a binge eater in the way that some might think of someone hoarding food in their closet and eating very large quantities at a time. No I just eat a normal portion of food of food but I still call it binging because it is not meeting a physical need for substance, just an emotional need.

I just know that I need to be sure to feel less guilt. We all have something that we might feel guilty over. Don’t we?

4 things to do that help with obsessive compulsive eating disorder

1. Do something to delay the obsessive compulsive behavior for 15 minutes. Sometimes the compulsion will pass or you will simply forget and move on.
2. Set “worry” times of day. Pick 3 time periods where you can dwell on the worrying thought. Afterwards you are not permitted to dwell and ruminate on the negative thought.
3. If you are bored, lonely, depressed or whatever other emotion is giving you nervous anxiety the only clear solution is to go to your “go to” activity. This is something you are passionate about and something you can improve upon.
4. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and other stress-relief techniques help release nervous energy and negative thought patterns.

Please give these tactics a try..I will let you know if these techniques help me in the coming days.

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