Mountain Biking for Women

mountain biking for women Mountain biking is a passion of mine.  I cannot wait until it warms up this spring so I can get back into the woods and onto a dirt path.  I want to feel my heart beating from exhilaration and also beating from a substantial amount of fear.  Thinking about this I can almost smell the pine forest surrounding me.  I hear the birds but mostly hear the whirl of my tires as I tread the woody lane.  Seeing the sunlight streaming through the tall oaks against the path in front of me, guides my way.

I am being honest when I say that the first time I went out on the trail to mountain bike I was quite nervous but I did my best and finished the trail, thinking the whole time:what have I gotten myself into? And when I was finished I had a few bruises and scratches from trees but I loved every minute of it. Unfortunately this is something that you should not do alone just in case of a spill. I suggest starting out on a paved bike path on a dry day and working up to beginner mountain biking trails.  Of course you might learn the hard way what works and what doesn’t work when mountain biking.  Also the sense of accomplishment and not wrecking of course;) after a rough ride can be quite addictive. After you have completed the trail you will be another mountain biker I am sure. Mountain biking (for women) is frugal, keeps you fit and fabulous.

Coming Soon – Mountain Biking Series.