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Motivational Video Series

Fit frugal and Fabulous is currently working on a motivational video series that uses positive psychology to help you beautify.  Our goal is to help you stay on track with your fitness and beauty goals by keeping you focused on the end reward.  These videos will also help stress reduction to combat emotional and or stress related eating.  Our scheduled “beautifying” activities will all use the latest studies in the science of happiness and positive psychology to help you reach your potential.

Fitness and Beauty Motivation Series






Our motivational video series will feature:

Morning Motivation – to help you wake up and start your day on the right track with your daily beauty routine and schedule.

Grocery Shopping Motivation – will focus on helping you think about and reaffirm your beautification diet goals for the week before grocery shopping in dangerous territory.

Stop Obsessive Eating – to help calm and redirect some anxiety associated eating and help you eat for beauty as motivation

Fitness Motivation – to help keep you on your path to a healthier and more beautiful body

Evening Relaxation – promotes relaxation and stress reduction to help clear your mind for positive thinking

Bedtime Ritual – an evening ritual that promotes healing of  your mind and body that will help allow your sleep to beautify

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