Lose Up To A Pound Per Day


I have found the absolute fastest way to lose weight is to lower carbohydrates while focusing on eating high protein and healthy fat items.  Most people have heard of low carbohydrate diets but this one is a little different because you can have 1 carbohydrate serving per meal.  I have found that this allows a dieter to remain on the program for a longer period of time without going on a full starvation mode binge.  The proteins and healthy fats curb hunger by keeping you satisfied longer because protein and fat molecules take longer to break down and digest in your stomach and small intestine.

The Fit Frugal Fabulous Diet Plan

Basically any non breaded or fried lean meat is ok  1 serving 3 times a day.

High protein shake or bar.   These need to be lower carbohydrate varieties.

Add 1 serving of a lower carbohydrate vegetable per meal.  These include many varieties of lettuce, broccoli, etc.

Only 1 carbohydrate per meal.  Recommend complex carbohydrate for the low glycemic effect.  Limit 3 per day. These include starchy vegetables like, potatoes rice and corn.

This plan does not allow any sugary drinks or juice.  You can have milk and water

Take a multivitamin and a vitamin B12 tablet daily.

Exercise at least 2 times per day for at least 30 minutes at a time.  Try to aim for morning and evening, for example 6 am and 6 pm to keep your calorie burning consistent.  See the two a day workout plan for best results.  Don’t make excuses to avoid exercising.  Sleeping in is great but get up and put your health first today.