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How To Avoid Cabin Fever

How to avoid cabin fever in the thick of Winter? I am an outdoorsy type of woman. I enjoy the warm weather, I love walking on the trails. I love nature and I am not afraid of bugs. Let me rephrase that..I am not afraid of the innocent tiny bugs that we have here in Ohio. I know some people reading this, somewhere in the world have bugs that would scare the $hi+ out of me. I also love being outside late at night in the city, tossing back a cold draft with my friends and listening to a local band. Well this weekend the friends are busy. I can’t go on a vacation until later this year and I am developing a slight claustrophobic feeling. Do I feel the onset of cabin fever?
Hopefully these tips that I am collecting will get me through January and February:
1. Everyday do something that puts your creative passion in use. Do something imaginative that will stimulate you and keep you from becoming bored. Write in a journal, take photographs or whatever it is that you may be good at.
2. Plan a spa weekend (at home) for you and your lover. Spa music playing by candlelight casts a different setting.. Give each other massages and facials. Do mani/pedis. My boyfriend would probably not go for this unless we were watching football..How to avoid cabin fever

3. Date night or family night in front of the fire. Turn the heat up and dance to tropical music in your best resort wear. If there are kids involved this is extra fun. The smell of Hawaiian tropic lingers in the air. Hell..go for it and break out your luau decorations and roast part of a pig. Have too many tropical drinks tonight and your hangover tomorrow may make you wish all that you had was cabin fever.
4. Plan a very special night out and away if possible to celebrate the half way point through winter. Spend that hard earned money on your date..Do not hold back, order the chateaubriand and champagne. Celebrate nothing at all except being together and spend the night in an expensive hotel preferably by the casino. Just keep telling yourself that “after all it is only money and I will make more”.
5. Plan your next get-away to a locale with a lot of palm trees, sand and most importantly heat from the sun. Tape up printed pictures of the location all over the house. You can anticipate getting away and relaxing. Truly having something to look forward will help your winter blues evaporate. Ahhhh, is this what I need.
6. Spend time in healing light. Try to get a little sunlight to activate your pineal gland. Your pineal gland could be confused, as it tells your body when to wake up and when to sleep. Additionally, if you reside on the northern latitudes, your skin may not absorb enough sunlight and become vitamin D deficient. Some professionals state that these are the reasons for seasonal affective disorder. Check with your doctor if you are indoors most of the year and feel especially moody during cold weather.
7. Keep telling yourself that Spring is just a few weeks away. Have a great year folks!

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