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This lifestyle website is based on 3 main core goals. 

3 goals of Fit, Frugal and Fabulous:

1. Fitness and health while not wasting money.

2. Frugal expenditures by clarifying goals

3. Looking and feeling fabulously beautiful.

Frugal living is just one aspect of living a healthier, goal centered life.

Frugal living begins by taking a close look at your current financial situation.  Do you need to be more frugal?  How much money do you earn and how much money are you spending? Can you find a way to make more money without straining your mental and physical health? To start you must write down your essentials. Your essentials list should not include any unnecessary items.  Essentials are very basic items necessary for a healthy life. Right now incorporate frugal living by keeping it simple and eliminating the extras spending until you decide what is important to you so you can make informed purchases that may make a difference in your life. 

Frugal Living may seem challenging at first but as you save the expenses for purchasing the extras that make life more pleasurable will be added in later because you will have money for the things your really want.  Also while focusing on being fit, you are less likely to indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle.   Healthy food, basic clothing, and a healthy home environment are what we are going to use as our base starting point in our new frugal life.  Basic utilities also fall under this category because these are necessary in order to maintain health.  Actually anything related to maintaining health is included in this necessary category unless of course it is costly, unproven remedies and gym memberships of which can be financed if they score high enough in your extras category and if you have the resources.   In effect, in the beginning I am advising you to begin focusing on the essentials of frugal living and to evaluate what it is that you want to spend your “extras” money on.  I will show you a way to evaluate how important a purchase is to you and then rank it. You will be in control of your spending and your future financial situation.

Planning a substantial purchase for your occupation and education is of utmost importance in the rankings but you must be realistic while pursuing your career goals.  Basic transportation to and from work and school is high in the essential rankings as well as long lasting clothing to advance your career.  So as of right now for frugal living, if you can you must commit to only purchasing essential  items necessary for the health and well being of yourself and family. And do not finance anything without a plan. Stick with debt free living until you know what your long term goals are and how you are going to get there.

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