High Quality Long Lasting Items

Before my last vacation I purchased a cheap Walmart luggage set instead of purchasing the high quality bag from TJ Max that I had been saving for. The littler suitcases and bags were nice that came with the set but I already had basically the same items so I didn’t need more and my storage space is very limited also. On the return flight from this same vacation a wheel broke off of the large bag. The wheel on this suitcase was so cheaply made that the plastic was hollow. On the higher quality bag that I should have purchased the wheels were of much more sturdy materials and the construction of the handles and zippers were of greater quality. The styling was classic/basic and therefore not trendy.  Needless to say I am saving for the suitcase that will last for several years.

So using this as an example.

Item 1 Walmart luggage set for $50 used one time, now useless. 50/1 = $50 per use

Item 2 TJ Max luggage item for $70 estimated to be used 40 times over my lifetime, 70/40 = $1.75 per use

Work – purchase high quality tools of your trade and high quality work attire

Vintage items, coach leather purses, leather shoes really do last longer

I am saving up for this Coach handbag.

Furniture, high quality, long lasting, construction of classic design that will remain in style for a number of years. The more quality the upholstery fabric the longer use you will get out of the item.