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Our Gut has a Major Impact on Our Appearance

The gut-brain connection has recently made a big impact on the studies of health within the last few years.  

gut bacteria is good for us

What we eat influences our gut which influences our brain function which influences our appearance.  Whoa. 

The food in the western diet may be only one factor in the obesity explosion in the world. Our over use of antibiotics has changed our gut micro-biodome.   By taking an antibiotic you are essentially detonating a bomb on your entire population of gut bacteria, killing the bad as well as the good.  Antibiotic use in humans kill healthy bacteria as well as the unhealthy kind. But what we really need to consider is that antibiotic and pesticide use on the farm is transferred to our mouths at the table.And has the genocide of these healthy gut microbes been a huge factor in making us more obese?  It seems highly likely.

Sucralose and other artificial sweeteners have permeated the diet industry especially the diet beverage market.. Sucralose also known as Splenda, studies are proving that this chemical is killing our healthy gut bacteria that we need thriving inside of us. Not only that but humans cannot digest sucralose and it is ending up in our water supply, where it is killing the flora and therefore the fauna (that feed on the flora) in our streams and rivers.  This chemical may have a disastrous effect on us internally and outside of our bodies in the environment.

Our gut is packed with microbes.  And should be.

These microbes are picky eaters:  Our little buggers need about 50 grams of sugars daily to keep them alive and thriving.  These sugars can be obtained from the breakdown of carbohydrates, preferably vegetables and fruits instead of simple sugars.  If you eat excess sugar, these microbes may not thrive as well, because they like a balanced diet with plenty of fiber.

A study by Tim Spector at Kings College,  showed that fast food killed good microbes.   He fed his son a high fat fast food diet with lots of Cocacola. The lack of nutrients and processed fatty and sugary foods seemed to be highly toxic to microbes.  As his son’s microbes died off, he gained  weight and had other negative health consequences.

But can our gut microbes influence our behavior?

Neurotransmitters, especially serotonin and dopamine, are regulated by the gut, so microbes do control eating behavior in an indirect way.  As most of us know these are very important chemicals that need to be in the optimal range for optimal happiness.  The optimal range of neurotransmitters also lessens the cravings for other unhealthy substances, such as drugs, alcohol  and my favorite drug of choice; donuts.

What can we do to improve our gut?

Today’s Takeaway Tips

  • Only take antibiotics, when and if they are necessary.  Necessary is a tricky word and use of antibiotics need the judgement of your healthcare professional.
  • Eat organic if within your budget.
  • Limit artificial Sweeteners.
  • Limit or exclude processed foods.
  • Eat kefir,  yogurt and other fermented foods.
  • Take a probiotic.

Probotic foods are included in the Foods for Beauty.

Consider taking a high quality probiotic each day, with breakfast or your largest meal.

Our beauty is affected by our gut health in a profound way.