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Am I lazy or do I just lack motivation on some days? If you are experiencing a lack of motivation or drive to improve your situation it could be depression.  Depression robs a person of their goals and dreams for the future and lets hopelessness take over.  If you are down and feel like you are in need of sleep you quite possibly are in need of the opposite. You may need activity to pump oxygen into your brain.  But it is a vicious cycle and  I have found that I may be addicted to sleep, for the more I get the more I want.

So for today why not get up early and put on your running shoes.  It does seem daunting to do myself, especially since I am lying in bed as I type this thinking I could chill for another 10 minutes but then I have to step back and think,  I have had at least seven hours of sleep and my fitness goals should be one of my priorities. Yes I can get up and put on my running shoes and get moving today, if only for 10 minutes.  I am out of here!

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