Frugal Living Tips

1. Eat less – Now let’s face it this one is hard to do but in a more perfect world most of us should eat a little less and weigh a little less by tightening our belts literally.

2. Shop less – I know, I know.. How can you possibly shop less and purchase less?  Well do you really need another tea pot or scarf?  The truth is we all can shop less. Sorry girls who shop everyday at lunchtime, you know who you are.

3. Stop using credit for anything-unless it is for necessities and you are starving or in a dire emergency situation.

4. Don’t buy all the newest tech items-this one is hard for me since I should work for the geek squad.  My phone is on it’s last ring but I am holding off for a few more pay checks.

5. Pay bills on time – no more late fees

6. Fix it yourself – enlist the help of friends to show you how or watch how to videos on youtube

7. Service yourself – no more lawn care service or any other services for me until I get my credit cards paid off.. This would not include car repair for the streets would not be safe for life if I did my own repairs.