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I am extremely motivated to work out this week and have the extra time, if you do not do as much of this plan as possible.
This two a day workout plan is suggested for men and women who are feeling motivated and inspired to work out more than usual. My motivation for exercise waxes and wanes personally. Start Slowly and build up as you become stronger. I chose Friday evening for my off night because I am usually busy on that night. This program is designed from scientific research to maximize the beautifying benefits of a work out, while at the same time not over stressing the body. The frugal beauty work out plan also allows areas of the body a few days to heal and regenerate.

Monday Morning – Upper Body with weights, includes chest, arms and back.

Monday Evening – 30 minutes of Yoga, there are many great videos which are free on youtube.

Tuesday Morning – 2 Mile Walk/Run

Tuesday Evening – Focus on Core exercises for 20 minutes

Wednesday Morning – Lower Body Exercises

Wednesday Evening – 2 Mile Walk or Run

Thursday Morning – Upper Body with weights

Thursday Evening – 30 minutes of Yoga

Friday Morning – Focus on Core exercises for 20 minutes

Friday Evening – Rest

Saturday Morning – Lower Body

Saturday Evening – 30 minutes of Yoga

Sunday Morning – 2 Mile Walk or Run

Sunday Evening – Stretching for 20 minutes, Core exercises for 15 minutes

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