Frugal Fitness

Frugal fitness is all about making the most of what you have and at home exercise is one more way to save money.
Having a gym membership can be a great motivating factor for you to get in shape by immersing yourself into an exercise environment however not all of us can or want a gym membership and some prefer home exercise for privacy.

Frugal Fitness tips:

Become your own fitness instructor.  Yes, you have the capabilities with all the resources and information on the web and television to realistically know just as much as any exercise expert so why pay for a personal trainer.  You do need to start slowly if you are beginning but that is ok.  Just a few minutes of walking during your first few days are all that is necessary to get the ball rolling.  Let’s get started.

Set up your home gym – All of your items that you purchased from sales or Craigslist need to be stored in one central location for easy access because you will should be using these often.  I suggest at the minimum hand weights and step.  If you do not have these items body weight can be used to build muscle.

I also suggest your own treadmill or elliptical for the Winter and during inclement weather.

Outside gym even in Winter – You have the world to exercise in outside your front door.  If you are like me you live in a radius of many miles of walking and bike trails and paths.  I have access to a large one mile circumference parking lot where I can walk during breaks.

Making time for exercise – When someone says that they have no time for exercise, I think for most that is an excuse.  Most people can fit in  or fifteen minutes in twice a day for a walk for run.

Exercising with children – Most healthy children need a large amount of physical and fun activities.

Exercising with pets – How can you say no to your adorable puppy wanting to go outside for a walk.

No excuses – it is as simple as that.

Here is a quick workout from that requires no equipment.

Jumping Jacks – 50

Squat Jumps – 10

Push Ups – 10

High Knees – 10

Lunges – 10

Jumping Jacks – 50

Push Ups – 10

Squats – 10

Run or Walk for 10 minutes


Repeat if you have time

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