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We may not spend a lot of money on professional treatments by having manicures or getting our hair done but we still want to thrive and be pretty.  By thriving I mean having a healthy glow with energy and a lust for life that brings out our alluring beauty.  What do the gorgeous celebrities have that we don’t have?  They have personal chefs, personal trainers and hairstylists.  They have stylists who tell them what to wear and they have an enormous clothing budget.  Unfortunately we do not have their kind of money but the truth is we can be our own personal chef and our own stylist.

The frugal beauty tips on this site our all about bringing our health and happiness to the surface for the world to see.

Frugal Beauty Treatments and Tips

We must be our own beauty guru while also using frugal beauty tips and techniques.

We can look just as good or almost as good by doing our own styling and learning to do it right.  If being frugal and thriving is important enough for you to be reading this right now then you can invest in yourself the time and effort that it takes to get in better shape and look great while doing it.  If you can schedule a hour in the morning working you and your new look and a hour in the evening to researching what type of style you want.  If you want to get up in the morning eat like crap and then throw on some wrinkly outfit then that is up to you.  But we all know the power of clothing, makeup and being in shape.  I want my power back.

1. Find a full body image of someone that you think is beautiful and looks similar to you.  They may have a body that is  structure to yours.  Can you imitate their look while adding your own individuality?  Find several other images of this person that has dressed for different occasions.  Save these pictures on your computer in a file and refer back to them when you are getting ready in the morning or before going out with friends.

2.  Frugal Beauty is about the time that you spend on your look and being healthy by taking care of yourself properly.  It really isn’t about the money.  You do need some nice high quality basic items to build your wardrobe on.  Items can be purchased at thrift stores, but be careful and make sure they will fit in with your new look.

3. Lose weight if you have to.  This is you, this is your chance in life to be healthy and fit and to feel beautiful.  I know everyone says to “just do it”.  But this saying is so true.  You are the only one that can be frugal and thrive and become what you want to be…so how bad do you want it? In reality you can have all of the personal trainers or personal chefs in the world but what it really boils down to is that you are the one who holds the power to be what you want to be.

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