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Sending children or yourself back to school with necessary clothing and supplies is a task that many of us have to do each year. Does everything necessary need purchased at once? Probably not. Purchase a few items starting now and add some items each payday and even into the new school year. Start with the items that are absolutely necessary at the beginning of the year working off of the school supplies list that is given by your school. Add a few outfits and maybe one nice pair of shoes for example. You should work off your list according to the greatest need and not purchase a fad clothing item that may only get worn once or twice an then thrown into a the back of the closet. Fad items can be added slowly if it is withing your means to do so. A few solid colored pieces like a pair of pant, a few pairs of jeans, a skirt and a cute jacket that can be paired with several less expensive tops will give you the most versatility for your money. Be sure to include any necessary gym shoes or clothing if your child is actively involved in sports or classes.

If your child or you want to go to school looking fresh and feeling confident be sure to look at current magazine articles and online fashion websites to get an idea of the current trends but try to buy items that have more of a mix of the classic with a touch of modern. At the beginning of the school year you should feel confident when meeting new people and put your best face forward for a good first impression. Purchase underwear, socks and other basics that are made with higher quality fabrics for long term endurance and use. Make sure the book bag, backpack or satchel is made of quality materials because this can be used year after year and not purchase anything that is too trendy if you are on a tight budget. Back to school should be an exciting time of the year when the you can focus on work and your current goals for the future while also enjoying the new school year.

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