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Flying The Not So Friendly Skies

Flying journey to your destination. The urgency to get to your destination exciting as traveling by flight to a vacation spot. Maybe it it someplace you have been to many times but return because you love it so much or someplace new that you are finally visiting for the first time, after planning for years in advance.

I reminisce of the olden days of air travel and the feel of romantic adventure. Frank Sinatra crooning “Come fly with me” in my mind. Packing your best clothing and looking your best as you head out to the airport. You even have your toenails painted for this exciting holiday. Maybe you are in the mood for fun in the sun, exciting nightlife mingling with friendly strangers, romantic snuggling with your husband or wife.

Can you be frugal, save money and fly a discount carrier and at the same time still be romantic?

Start the trip off right with a glass of wine and a romantic toast. Of course you may have to bring your own and don’t pop a champagne cork mid air. You do not want to freak out other passengers.

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