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Fitfrugalandfabulous.com is in the Process of Becoming Keto Adapted

Due to the current research on the benefits ketogenic eating, we are becoming keto adapted. No, we are not changing our name only adapting our approach.




Years ago I was on the Atkins diet however I only needed to lose 15 lbs and after I lost the weight I did’t stick with the diet plan and went back to eating the SAD diet (standard american diet) and probably did much damage in the process. I am sure most of my weight loss was water weight and I didn’t really know of the long term benefits of the ketogenic (keto) diet.  I also didn’t allow myself time to become keto adapted.  This is the point where your body adjusts and begins producing the enzymes necessary to convert to a fat burning machine.  The enzymes feed and covert the fat in your body and food into ketones which seem to be a better form of energy. The keto adaption process starts at about 2-3 weeks from the beginning point, with most people not becoming fully adapted until 12 weeks.  These benefits increase over time and keep increasing the longer you maintain the ketogenic diet.

Some of the multi-faceted benefits of a ketogenic diet are:

Fat burning capabilities

More brain energy

Less ups and downs in your blood sugar/insulin levels.

Satiating effects to damper hunger

Mitochondrial effects

Anti-aging benefits

Beautifying benefits

Effects on chronic pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia

There are several studies being carried out right now on humans models rather than rat models, that are revolutionizing the health and beauty industry.  These trials are even revolutionizing fitfrugalandfabulous.com.

What is the ketogenic diet? It is different for everyone.  You must listen to your body when lowering carbohydrates enough to get into ketosis. Do you need to lose weight?  Then what you need will be different from someone who wants to add muscle and not lose and possibly even gain weight on a ketogenic diet plan.  This diet is not for weight loss only, the health benefits may have many different applications.

However, this diet may not be good for everyone, it is a therapeutic tool and it is our personal choice to use it as a tool where and when needed, not a generic tool to be applied across the entire human population. Or is it?  We will need to wait and see what the ketogenic studies find.

Stay tuned.


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