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Fit and Frugal

The media and advertisers lead us to believe that the only way to get in shape and of course stay in shape is to purchase that hot new video or exercise machine.

The truth is you can get fit and lose weight without any expensive equipment.  The main ingredient to your success for getting and staying in shape is time and motivation.

I always hear people saying “I don’t have time.”  This just boils down to finding the time for what is important to you.  If you put being fit high on your priority list then you “do have time!”  Being fit and healthy outweighs everything else in importance after family.  It all goes back to what your goals are and the strength of your motivation to reach them.  Reaching goals is not for the faint of heart or lazy because there is a lot of work a head of you.

Tonight you can choose to sit on the couch or follow the Fit, frugal or fabulous maintenance schedule.  This schedule uses the extra motivation of beauty to increase your willpower and keep you on track to your frugal fitness and beauty goals.  Beauty is not only measured by your outward appearance but it is the beauty from within that will increase through health, happiness and a low stress lifestyle.  Beauty is also a byproduct of being fit.



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