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My family and friends enjoy going out for lunch, dinner, drinks and shopping quite often. I am usually pursuaded with the tease of a tasty meal and yes I have to say I sometimes go over my allotted budget. When times call for socializing the best plan is to go along rather than sit at home alone. Fortunately, there are many ways of conserving your money without pan handling or selling off your jewelry.

Luckily my current employer has a subsidized lunch in our corporate dining room so some of my mealtime meetups take place during the noon hour. Our salad bar is .41 cents per ounce and we have a $2.50 food credit therefore I can have a whole 5 ounces of salad per day for free. Needless to say I am still hungry after eating this amount. But throw in a few extra dollars and I am good to go til I get home.

If going out with family and friends I can have a few as healthy as possible drinks at happy hour and not break the bank but I will share appetizers and have dinner at home.  Having a happy social life is one of the key ingredients to a healthy and happy life after all.

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