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Fall Resolutions

Fall resolutions are just as important as New Year’s resolutions, even though they might not be quite as popular.

Back to school time is an especially good for us to refocus on goals…even if we are not going back to school.  Most of us have the back to school routine firmly ingrained in our heads.  We are already programmed with the mentality to think of back to school or the fall as the time to get serious about work and study; to become better at what we do. The fall is an ideal time to reexamine our goals in life and where you want to head both professionally and personally.  A fall resolution is a decision with intention to work hard toward a particular goal.  It is also a very good time to concentrate on beauty and fitness goals as well as career goals.

Our fall resolutions here at Fit frugal and fabulous are to make the firm decision to stick with a fitness and diet plan and make the beautifying changes that require time and effort from consistent effort week after week. Beauty is not just skin deep.  It is the cumulative effects of many positive things adding up and coming together over time.

Real beauty comes from positive effort and our Beauty Maintenance Schedule can help:

Eating right

Fitness fall resolutions

Attitude – especially happiness


Although genetics are certainly a part of beauty, beauty is also the decisions, choices and resolutions to improve that you make in life.  It is not just putting makeup over and covering up your skin or styling your hair, although that is also a part of it.

What are your fall resolutions?

Week 1


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