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Educational Advantages Of Travel

The educational advantages of travel:

A new perspective-

Getting out of your own head and your own viewpoint is often difficult. We have learned to interpret the things we see and feel in our own unique way. I myself see things in a certain way having grown up immersed in middle class America where I have always felt safe and frankly far apart from the rest of the world. My viewpoint has been set by my experiences and upbringing. Being stranded on our big North American continent, it is as if the whole world in my mind must be one big freeway with shopping malls and franchised restaurants at every exit and everyone probably thinks and acts like I do. I have been gratefully relieved to find out that this is not true.

Although our likenesses are also common here in the United States, we have a lot of differences from sea to shining sea that need to be appreciated as well. Therefore there is much to be learned by simply stepping into a different neighborhood.

Being separated in such a huge land has kept us isolated from the outside world. If we get out of our own point of view and perspective and see how others live then we may feel more open to why others are the way they are and how to be more accepting of their differences.

A new language-

Hearing a different language and becoming immersed in it and having to speak the native language out of necessity is obviously the best way to learn a new language. If you must learn you do so naturally.

Lost in the translation-

Hearing meanings and understandings that other regions and countries have. Others think differently than you do when their meanings are lost in the translation from their native language to English because they have no equivalency that is relative to us and have no relevant words in our language. This is something that stimulates a lot of thought for me and that such a thing could even exist is remarkable.

History –

Seeing things that you have only read about in history books gives you the whole picture by stimulating all of your senses and bringing history to life.


The local museum could be a home donated to the historical society of the area to a huge metropolitan center is treasure trove and a wealth of knowledge.


Seeing a way of living that is different from your own. Everything from food, entertainment, to more of the cultural customs handed down through the millenia that are fading away fast each and every year can be very thought provoking and something you need to see before it is gone forever.

Sporting events and any social events even on the other side of your own country may even be completely different from what you are used to and an experience that could be considered an educational advantage of travel.

Anytime you experience a change, your brain adapts to the changes and grows to create new pathways of understanding.


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