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DIY Gray Roots

If there is one frugal beauty and anti aging tip that I can give it is to dye your own gray roots.

I have had some grays since I was Twenty-five…and they keep coming.

I remember the first day someone I worked with spotted a gray in my bangs. I couldn’t believe it, I was just a kid after all. That day I grew older.

Just a little color on those grays and I feel so much younger. It is as if the clock rewinds.  I almost feel twenty-five again.

Frugal Gray Root Coloring

Find a shade that matches your color.

Use a glass bowl and use only the amount of coloring that you need. I usually only need a tablespoon.

Mix the developer in equal amounts. I usually purchase a large bottle of developer 20 from Sally’s beauty.

Carefully, use an applicator brush to mix and apply. Also purchased from Sally’s beauty.

Divide your hair as you go in 1 inch long sections and apply.  This is especially important around the temples and close to forehead.  These areas are more likely to show the grays because they are near the edge of your hairline and where you part your hair.

Rinse carefully in the shower to avoid getting any dye in your eyes.

Condition your hair to counteract the drying agents.

Discard any remaining activated (mixed) dye.  Store any remaining unmixed dye to use for future gray root touch ups.  The unmixed dye should keep for a few months if the bottle is tightly sealed and kept in a cool and dark storage location.

It is sometimes easier to find someone to assist in coloring for you. For me it is just quicker to touch up my gray roots myself 20 minutes before I know I am getting a shower.

There are not a lot of things that can reset a clock as much as dyeing your hair. The anti aging effects are instantaneous and this one thing really does magically bring back some youthfulness to our appearance..at least for hair.


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