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Day 5 of 14 Days to a More Beautiful You

Daily Beauty Affirmations

Back to school Beauty Makeover Day 5 continued…

Day 5 of 14 Days to a More Beautiful You. Can you work out in your living room or bedroom? If all that you have is a 10 foot by 10 foot area using weight bearing exercises, yes you can do this with the right amount of motivation and it is very frugal, free actually. And above all stop reading this. Come back later and use the internet as a reward for your hard work.

Why are you still reading? Of course I want the viewers but I would honestly rather have this 14 day plan work for you. Continue on your journey and adhere to the Fit Frugal and Fabulous Beauty Schedule..
Today is your day to go through your clothing and throw out or give away any items that do not make you look attractive. Even the old torn pajamas that no one sees you in because how you see yourself is more important than how any one else sees you. Your beauty is a by product of how beautiful you see yourself and how worthy you think you are. Make a list of self affirmations today.
For example:
What do you find beautiful about yourself? List 5 things.
Write this down on a post it and put in a location that no one else has access to but that you see often. Repeat daily.

Today we are adding the following 2 things to our Fit, Frugal and Fabulous Beauty Maintenance Schedule:


Rainbeau Mars Yoga for Beauty is highly recommended.

Add these steps to your Beauty Maintenance Schedule

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