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Day 3 of 14 Days to a More Beautiful You

Back to School Beauty Makeover Day 3

Hair grows approximately 1/2 inch per month.  Growing your healthy hair out also exposes your gray roots if you have any.  Coloring or highlighting your hair gives your hair dimension but can cause damage to the hair shaft.  The damage to your hair can result in split ends however there are a few moisturizing treatments that will bond the ends together but this is only temporary.  The only permanent solution to split ends is a haircut or trim.  If you only have minor split ends you can take pedicure scissors and delicately trim off some of the worse offenders.  Hair damage also shows up as roughing or lifting of cells from the hair shaft and this can cause hair to look dull and unhealthy. Or goal is to smooth the hair cuticle to make your hair shiny and healthy.

To do this we need to get the oil from the scalp if you have oily hair to the distant or not so distant dryer ends. This will help split ends and also help if you have oily hair by distributing the oil more evenly. The oil will help to flatten the raised cuticle of the hair shaft.

Steps to more beautiful hair that are also frugal:

1.  Scalp massage-this will stimulate the oil follicles to release

2. Warm oil treatment if you have dry hair, you can use vegetable oil.  Warm it up but do not use hot oil and distribute it on the damaged and dry areas of your hair.  If you have very oily hair you can skip this part.  Just be sure to brush your hair from the roots to the tip. Do this while steaming your face.

3. Shampoo with a gentle shampoo designed for your hair type.  If you have very oily hair you can use Dawn dish washing liquid to remove the excess oil.  Condition your hair if necessary.  You should wash your hair no more than every other day unless you have very oily hair.

Add the following items your Fit Frugal and Fabulous beauty maintenance schedule

1. Once a week – deep condition damaged hair/or use hot oil treatment

2. Every 3 weeks – touch up the roots if you have gray hair or color your hair.

3. Every 8 weeks – haircut or trim.

In the next article we will focus on hair removal and add to our beauty routine.

Fit Frugal and Fabulous Beauty Maintenance Schedule/Calendar

This will change as we add more items in future posts.
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