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Day 14 of 14 Days to a More Beautiful You

Daily Beauty Affirmations

Today is the day heading toward the future.  It is the day to try new things and experiment with your looks to see might work better or might not work so great. This program will help you become a more beautiful you.

Try a new hair color and hairstyle to truly give yourself the feeling of having a total makeover. Changing up your looks could boost your confidence on this self improvement makeover.

If you are not willing to change the color of you hair or a major hairstyle overhaul then maybe you are willing to try a few new hair styling techniques.
– If you normally wear your hair curly try flat ironing it.
– If you normally wear your hair straight then try curling it.

Experiment with different makeup applications techniques. Try wearing more makeup than you normally do. Maybe the new look is for you but maybe it isn’t. It doesn’t hurt to try and if you don’t like it you can remove it.

Dress up today in a dress or a more professionally looking outfit if today is a workday. Take the time while shopping and purchasing a new item to add to your wardrobe and is item meeting a need. Will this item fit into your goals of being more frugal and fit into one of these categories?

1. Work

2. Work Out

3. Casual Days and Evenings

4. Night Out

5. Sporting Events

Try adding additional jewelry or other coordinating accessories today.

At the end of the day reflect on how dressing differently and having new hair and makeup made you feel. Did you feel more beautiful today? Hopefully you did and it will give you motivation to continue.

You have reached the end of 14 Days to a More Beautiful You. I hope you made progress in reaching your lifestyle goals. Please sign up to Fitfrugalandfabulous.com’s newsletter for updates. This will include updates to the our beauty maintenance schedule, fitness plan and optimal eating plan with recipes for beauty in the coming weeks.



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