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My Daily Struggle

Every morning, evening and night I proceed to talk myself out of my plan to get in better shape by making improvements. With the importance I place on feeling and looking good I am perplexed as to why it just isn’t getting done. Do I love eating cookies and lounging around more than I love my health and well being? Of course not but I do have addictions that fool me every day.

My only goal today and everyday for a very long time has been to at least start working out at the point where I left off.  I do not expect myself to go full throttle and sweat bullets pumping iron.  I do expect myself to walk outside or get on the treadmill and at least attempt some form of physical exercise for a few minutes.  “Just get on the treadmill!! You do not have to stay all night!” I plead with myself.

I know that my vitamin d level has been low and my thyroid tests has been up fluctuating for months now and this is something I have been dealing with, however I am barely getting the basic tasks in my life accomplished before passing out on the bed a 9 PM.  I can do better. We must all do better. We must muster the energy and willpower to keep on with our plans and tonight needs to be one of those nights.

I will step on my treadmill and know that I didn’t lay down and just couch surf tonight.






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