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Anti-Aging Beautification

Follow this Beautification Routine for the best anti aging results.

This daily schedule is for all ages.

Cleanse in the Morning

Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser in the morning.  You should choose one that matches your skin type.  This step will remove the oil and dirt on your face from sleeping.

Find a gentle cleanser that matches your skin type.  Skin types are oily, dry, or combination.


When you get out of the shower in the morning use a moisturizer right away to lock the water in your skin especially if your skin is dry, preferably a cream over a lotion.  (If you have oily skin and acne skip this step. ) This helps your skin look soft and smooth and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.

Stay hydrated

Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.  Be sure you are including electrolytes (minerals) into your diet.  Include vegetables and fruits with every meal.  They also contain anti aging antioxidants.

Sunscreen Is a Must

After 10 minutes in the sun you will need to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30..We recommend at least 10 min of natural sun per day for the production of natural vitamin D.  People with very light skin that burns easily, may need to weigh the benefits of natural vitamin D with slight skin reddening.

Cleanse in the Evening

In the evening, you will need to  wash off sunscreen, makeup, dirt, pollen and other environmental toxins.  Apply a moisturizing cream to lock in the moisture if you have dry skin.

Vitamin A Moisturizer

Apply a cream that contains retinol or retin A right before bedtime.

  • Retinol – You can purchase retinol creams and lotions without a prescription.
  • Tretinoin (retin A) – require a doctor’s prescription

These help your skin product collagen, which  are the “building blocks of skin”  and give your skin structure and elasticity. They also exfoliate your skin cells and resurface skin by encourage the body to create new skin cells. This process softens lines, minimizes age spots or skin growths.  The smoothness and uniformity of color produces a younger appearance.  Give this time to show improvement.  Retinol and Retin A use takes about a month for most users to see the benefits.

These steps will be added to the frugal beauty maintenance schedule

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