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Break Up Makeover

Breakup Makeover Day 5

Getting over someone and moving on is a process after a breakup. The recovery procedure normally takes a fairly long time but in using this program it can help you get through it as quickly as possible.  Our Break Up Makeover helps to create a survivor during the next several days. By building you up physically and emotionally now that you have been torn down. This breakup again needs to be viewed a positive thing like I said in an earlier post and I know that is easier said than done.   If you look at as fuel to give you inspiration and motivation then you can come out in the end of this breakup stronger than you ever were before.

breakup makeover day 4

From this day what I need from you, is for you to become a professional survivor. If your purpose for reading this post is to get through this break up then you will need to think and live like a professional survivor.

1. A professional survivor would get up in the morning with confidence. Do you work or go to school? Or are you a stay at home mother? You will need to study or prepare to be the best that you can possibly be at your job or for school, this will give you confidence in your career or for school. This will also take some of the focus off of the breakup and break the cycle of rumination. Rumination is the process of obsessively focusing on someone or something that causes distress.

2. A professional survivor would have the correct uniform. You should get up and get dressed and spend extra time on your hair and makeup. By uniform I mean you should look the part of a professional. I don’t mean business suit by any means but I mean you should look good to your peers.

3. A professional survivor would have the correct tools. Just like a professional golfer has the best tools you should have the tools to be a survivor. The best tools are friends and family.

4. A professional survivor would train to be strong. You may not need to pump iron but an important way to increase your mood and your confidence is to workout. This cannot be overstated.

5. A professional survivor would eat healthy to fuel the body and mind for healing. A healthy diet will also help you perform at your optimum level.

This is you we are talking about and you are as worthy and great as anyone or anything that has ever lived. You deserve the extra time and attention to getting strong mentally and physically.

Part 2 of Day 5 Breakup Makeover

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