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Break-Up Makeover

Break Up Makeover Day 1

First and foremost let me tell you how sorry I am that you are hurting if you have any emotional pain.  Emotional pain can be more excruciating than physical pain.  There isn’t much I can do to help you get through this emotional pain, except let you know some of the things that helped me when I was going through the process of separating from a boyfriend that wasn’t right for me. And the key was I wanted a better life and also hoped for a better partner to have in my life someday.

Today is the day that your breakup hit you, like a ton of bricks to the stomach. Either you broke up out of necessity or someone broke up with you today.  There was a problem somewhere in the fabric of the relationship and  this wasn’t the right relationship for you. We will delve into why the relationship failed  and why you were attracted to this person to begin with in a later edition.  Today we need to make sure you have support from friends or family.  We need you to go over what happened and cry it out with someone. Get mad, scream, do whatever it takes to express yourself emotionally but do not harm anyone or break anything because you will probably regret it.  You need to break down because after today you are going to be rebuilding yourself into a fighter who is going to fight for your life and for what makes you happy. We are going to build a survivor who comes out stronger after this turmoil.

Today is the day that you will have to decide if this is someone you want back or someone you need to let go for your own well being…Did this person mistreat you or is this person a self centered ass unconcerned with your feelings? If so you have your answer.  Or was this someone who really loves you as much as you love them.  Is this a good person concerned with you and your happiness that you want back and you want to have in your life for the longterm?  If so you have your answer.

Before rebounding into your next relationship try to take some time off so you can discover what you want and need in your next partner.  Use this time to learn from past mistakes so you can avoid a similar disappointment in the future.

Each day for the next several days you will be given a new task to think about, please remember to continue to do each of these tasks each day as you work your way through the healing process.

Hang in there today, most of us have been right where you are now. Take a deep breath and feel the pain. And repeat to yourself that this is for the best and it is going to get better one day at a time.

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