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Best Way to Reach a Fitness Goal

Fit frugal and Fabulous Goals

The best way to reach a fitness goal is to set a reasonable and attainable goal for yourself and then track your progress daily.  Do not set the goal too high,  just high enough to be achievable within the next 2-3 months.. A long term goal should also be in your horizon, but right now you need to concentrate on your short term goal and work towards this ideal, daily.  This short term goal will help you feel a steady progress of achievement which you can build upon.

Tracking your progress leads to:

  1. Positive Reinforcement – will fires your self esteem and confidence with a can do attitude when you reach your short term goals
  2. Goal Management – shows the results of your hard work and lets you know that you are reaching your goals
  3. Competition Instinct – allows competition with yourself and others because you can always reach higher and go faster.
  4. Habit – reinforces a healthy routine
  5. Data – shows where your efforts need improvement in real, tangible numbers
  6. Accountability – keeps you accountable to yourself and others if you choose.


Fit frugal and Fabulous Goals

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