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Beauty Research on Fit, Frugal and Fabulous

Fit frugal and fabulous is a compilation of information and beauty research from many different sources. Journals, magazines and articles relating to healthy cell production that influences the beauty of your skin, hair, nails and a healthy body weight have been researched.  This research has been used to formulate an optimum beauty maintenance plan. By sticking with the beauty maintenance plan and frugal menu plan you can maximize your beauty potential and decrease the effects of aging.  Over stressing your body with too much exercise is almost as bad to your beauty as not enough exercise so we limit the amount of exercise at one time to lessen any damaging effects from oxidative stress on our bodies.

Fit frugal and Fabulous is currently performing beauty research on anti aging and life extension, healthy weight loss programs and beauty treatments to stay up to date and bring as much knowledge to our readers that we possibly can.

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