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Beautiful Back

One key area of beauty that is sometimes overlooked is having a beautiful back.  Having a strong back is very important to your beauty because of the aesthetic lines that are created with your musculature. This musculature of your shoulders, back and abdomen tighten the core of your body frame and reduce one’s having a slouching and slumping appearance. The effects of having a strong healthy back and core also contribute to beautifying benefits by helping the body function at it’s optimal level. When your body is functioning properly it is able to repair and beautify from within.

back strength

Have you ever noticed a person with a slouched appearance where the back is curved forward and their stomach is protruding predominately? Not only does this look unattractive to the eye but this slouched position is counter productive to a healthy body and healthy bodily functions. Good digestion and lung function are core elements of a healthy and beautiful appearance.  It is important to note that even if you are over weight, you can have a strong back and improve your appearance with a strong core and toned back, however loss of this excess body fat is very important to optimum body functioning.  The excess fat that is cloaking your internal organs are hindering their performance while at the same time the outer layer of fat is putting extra weight and pressure on your core and body frame pulling the spine into a curved position.

The visual lines of your body and the hip/waist ratio all depend on a healthy core in order for you to look and feel your best.  Your shoulders and upper laterals all give the body an appearance of a V shape or a hour glass shape when at the same time your hip/waist ratio is under .80 for a female (.90 for a male).   Your posture and how you carry yourself are dependent upon a strong core.  Your clothing will also hang better on a body frame that is balanced by a toned shoulders, a straight back and a smaller waist.

I have included exercises to get you started from thescienceofeating.com with having a beautiful back.

Beautiful Back

These back exercises should be incorporated into your Fit Frugal and Fabulous Maintenance Schedule preferably twice per week.


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