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Your at home spa schedule

Spa Day Activities

7:30 AM Spa Breakfast:

1 egg scrambled with a spinach, green peppers and a small amount of mozzarella cheese

1 small portion of juice

Plenty of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon

8:00 AM Stretching or yoga postures

8:30 AM Morning Hike to the closest scenic area near your home

9:30 AM Toning

10:00 AM Turn on the spa music – there are many cd’s and videos to capture the feel of a relaxing spa.

Light the candles  and dim the lights.

Sip lemon water – reputed to cleanse toxins from the body.  Visualize your body releasing toxins as you sip the lemon water.

Spray a clean scent in the room

Steam whole body while running hot shower in your bathroom and apply a warm wet wash cloth to your face

Soak in a warm tub with added bath salts

Scrub skin with an exfoliator, if you have buildup or clogged pores.  I have found that a generic buff puff works very nicely and lasts for a few weeks.

Apply a face mask for your skin type

Apply a deep conditioner to your hair

Relax in the warm bath for several additional minutes

Moisturize skin

File and polish nails

12:00 Spa Lunch:

Terryaki Chicken with brown rice

Salad with a small amount of low fat dressing

Plenty of water with a squeeze of lemon

1:00 Afternoons will be spent doing fun, healthy activities and learning about healthy cooking and nutrition.

6:00 PM Spa Dinner

Steak Kabob with mushrooms, tomatoes and onions.

Salad with chopped, colorful vegetables added, a very small amount of low fat dressing

Plenty of water with a squeeze of lemon

7:00 PM After Dinner Walk-gentle walking to help digestion

8:00 PM Evening Relaxation and Meditation

Find a partner and perform massages on each other or perform self massage techniques






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