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Anxiety and Overeating

Anxiety and overeating and some of it’s causes

If you are eating when you are not hungry and continuing to eat when you are full you may want to reflect on this behavior.  Each person has their own eating patterns.  Some of us constantly have an urgency to reach for more food.

viscious cycle of overeating

While it is true that you may be overeating to compensate for a deficiency of minerals and vitamins, it also may be true that your anxiety or another issue is causing you to overeat.

One reason that you may be overeating is that your thought pattern may be stuck in viscous cycle (circle)  of thinking.

You have anxiety – then you overeat – you feel calmer – an hour later your anxiety returns – you again overeat – you feel calmer – an hour later your anxiety returns.

This is the cycle of addictive behavior.  The substance aka food is not the problem. It is the anxiety or other thought pattern that causes you to reach for substances that the calm anxiety in the first place.

Why do you overeat? You must ask yourself if your overeating or binges occur at times when you have:

Anxiety – are you anxious over major decisions that must be confronted?  Do you have unresolved anxiety from suppressed issues.  It may be time to work through these feelings and find closure.

Self destructive behavior – are you purposely causing the failure of reaching your goals out of fear of the unknown.  Think about it.  This sounds far fetched but reaching your actual beauty and weight goals could have a very big impact on your life and future.  Some people do this if they are unwilling to adjust to changes and want to remain in their current comfort zone.

Boredom-Especially true if your 9 to 5 is not your true calling or if your mundane lifestyle needs some more excitement.  Think twice before you give up your bread winning career but try to find your calling from your passions in life.  Find reward from your passions by moonlighting until you can give up your day job for your dream career.

Celebration-most family and friends celebrate with food and drinks.  In our society we show love by giving and sharing of food.  These treats are the center of happy times and make us feel happy and loved.  It is no wonder why we associate food, especially high calorie foods with fun, festivities and happiness.

Sadness-Are you trying to fill up a void that is empty from loneliness or depression? Don’t go out and buy a puppy but do try to find someone or many someones in life that fill you up.


Healthy Hunger-The only time when it is healthy to consume food in reasonably healthy quantities.


1. Meals should to be eaten at a table with family.  Decrease the distractions from technology.  Consume your food slowly and  stop when you are full.


2. Water needs to be consumed before a meal

What calms your mind?  What I have found to work for me is the opposite of the

What activities help you manage your

Anxiety – Relaxation

Yoga and Meditation – the calming effects may not be immediately noticeable.  The effects build over time. Anxiety can present in the muscles. Gentle stretching is important to help tight muscles release.

Boredom – Creativity

A creative outlet benefits you by giving your passions a place to come a live.   What are you passionate about?

Celebration – Celebration of Health

Healthy indulgences and healthy comfort foods – we all want to eat the food that we ate as a child or we ate during times of happiness and celebration. there are healthy substitutes for comfort foods.  And given the right presentation these comfort foods can be pleasing and comforting to the soul.

Sadness – Self Love

Affirmations and taking care of you.  Our affirmations can help you take care of you by breaking some of the negative thought patterns and helping you focus on your beauty goals

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