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The American Dream

Having been raised in the 70’s and 80’s I was educated with the mindset that intelligence was set for life and that an individual was not equipped to change it, however the latest research shows that our brains are adaptable and trainable at any age.  We are no longer stuck with the cards that we are dealt at birth. If you were born into poverty or are now in a very mundane position and earning a meager salary with no hope for improving your situation there are things you can do to open up the pathways in your brain and become a thinking machine.  Begin by using your natural curiosity to find subjects that you are interested in.  Research and educate yourself on these topics and soon you will find that your brain is naturally finding solutions to problems and the ideas will start flowing for possible new creations or designs.  Each one of us has the world’s most powerful tool in our toolbox, the human brain.

We also have at our fingertips a world of information on the internet, how to do almost anything, how to learn almost anything, something that has never been available before for mankind.  Of course we cannot become brain surgeons or other qualified professions by simply learning off of the internet but we can find our passions and our passions can become driving factors to building a career or creating an original invention so that we too can have the American dream or for that matter the human dream of prosperity.  Dream on my friends.

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